Not to be confused with Nintendo's official sequel New Super Mario Bros. 2 for the Nintendo 3DS, or the 2015 remake, New Super Mario Advance + Take 2.

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Boxart for NSMB2: Doki Doki Panic!! Edition

New Super Mario Bros. 2: Doki Doki Panic! Edition (known in Japan as "Newスーパーマリオブラザーズ2:ドキドキパニック!版", "New Super Mario Bros. 2: Doki Doki Panic! Version") is the first full New Super Mario Bros. hack released (March 25th, 2010) as well as Mariofanatic64's first NSMB Hack. This hack is by name, the predecessor to SKJmin's New Super Mario Bros. 3, and Mariofanatic64's New Super Mario Bros. 5: Clone Tag Team. Mariofanatic64 originally made the hack just for himself to play, however it was decided early on that it would be released to the public once it were finished. The hack is not widely popular, recieved poor feedback due to poor and buggy level design from players and is considered by Mariofanatic64 to be his worst hack to date. On January 1st, 2015, Mariofanatic64 released a remake of the hack titled New Super Mario Advance + Take 2. Due to this, this hack is no longer in the canon of Mariofanatic64's NSMB series.


Once again, Princess Peach is kidnapped by Bowser, and Mario has been called upon to save the day again.


Mariofanatic64 only had begun making Doki Doki Panic! Edition as a side-project to his unnanounced Super Mario 64 hack (which was later revealed under the name Super Mario 64 2, and is currently on indefinite hiatus.). Not much time and effort was put into Doki Doki Panic! Edition beause he never meant for the hack to be a large-scale project.


When the hack began production, Mariofanatic64 wanted to do things in New Super Mario Bros. that hadn't been done before, such as the inclusion of enemies from the 3D Mario games, level designs that Nintendo would never have used, and custom music. None of this was achieved by the end of production due to technical limitations.

New Super Mario Bros. 2 took only 9 months to make, as it was a fairly primitive hack that was made in a time where NSMB hacking was still rather unexplored. As originally stated by Mariofanatic64 that 90% of the levels would be new, some of the original levels were decidedly not edited at all. The inclusion of retro levels (from Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Land, namely) scattered throughout the game meant a faster development time. Worlds 4 and 7 were made up of re-skinned previous levels not unlike the Special Worlds in Super Mario 3D Land.

From announcement, Mariofanatic64 stated that the hack would feature custom music by YouTube music composer BowieZ (which indirectly inspired BowieZ to write two more pieces for his idea for a New Super Mario Bros. sequel) however close to the end of development, Mariofanatic64 revealed that he was unsuccessful in importing such music, as the resources were not yet available.

The hack was originally meant to be made with the original New Super Mario Bros. graphics, but as NSMB Hacking was developing just as this hack was being made, it was a last minute decision to make a tileset re-skin of the game. The result was two versions of the game released simultaneously; the original version with no edited graphics, and the "Doki Doki Panic! Edition" that used graphics from the Super Mario All-Stars version of Super Mario Bros. 2

After the release of the hack, and recieved poor feedback from the first players, Mariofanatic64 vowed to re-make the game, fixing the level design problems/graphics problems with the Doki Doki Panic! Edition. This eventually occured, almost five years later with the release of New Super Mario Advance + Take 2.


In 2015, MarioFanatic64 released a remake of the hack. Titled New Super Mario Advance + Take 2, it was a remake of Super Mario Bros. 2 and New Super Mario Bros. 2: Doki Doki Panic! Edition, making the hack non-canon to MarioFanatic64's hack series.

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