Download latest beta at the New Super Mario Bros. Hacking Domain.

Title screen

Title for NSHB, logo to be changed from beta.

New Super Holiday Bros.
is a New Super Mario Bros.hack by Wesley. As the name suggests, this hack is based heavily on holiday-based themes. Originally named New Super Xmas Bros., the hack started life as a Mario vs. Luigi mode hack, but Wesley has since decided to expand the hack to a full game.

As such, Holiday Bros. was the first released full Mario vs. Luigi hack. However, due to Wesley's decision to continue working on the hack, it is not currently counted in the list of finished New Super Mario Bros. hacks.

Holiday Bros. features many graphical changes designed for a holiday theme, such as Goombas wearing Santa Claus hats, and tilesets edited to appear snowy.


The hack was announced and first released on Christmas Day 2012 by Wesley as a Mario vs. Luigi hack, however early on, Wesley decided to make the hack a full-length game.

Since then, Holiday Bros. has made steady progress.

It is up to the creator of this hack to contribute information from here on in.

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