Download the latest beta at the New Super Mario Bros. Hacking Domain.


Title Screen for ASMB

Adventure Super Mario Bros.
is an original New Super Mario Bros.hack in the works by NSMB Hackers Ray and Freeze. Adventure Super Mario Bros. is best known for featuring Toad as the playable character, making it the first New Super Mario Bros. hack to have a custom character. Adventure also is known for the first custom powerup in New Super Mario Bros., a modified Koopa Shell that enables the player to glide long distances.


Adventure is Ray's first New Super Mario Bros. hack, having started his own hack before teaming up with Freeze to start making New Super Hacker Bros.. Hacker Bros. was a hack that became wildly popular for its creative level design and use of sprites and graphics, however it was unfortunately cancelled after the hack started crashing.

Ray and Freeze then went on to continue with Freeze's hack prior to Hacker Bros., Mario in Nyan Cat's World, though eventually Ray returned to Adventure Super Mario Bros., creating the first custom character, Toad. Freeze joined in with Ray for Adventure.

On December 25th 2014, Ray and Freeze released a new beta that added three new levels and a custom World Map, which appeared alongside the announcement of a New Super Mario Bros. World Map Editor.

It is up to the creator of this hack to contribute information from here on in.

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